Vintage = Valuable? 4 Signs Your Vintage Dish Is A Valuable Antique

From casseroles and bowls to platters and dinner plates, most households have a large variety of old and new dishware. Unfortunately, most people do not realize they have items that are incredibly collectible and valuable. While surprising to learn, some pieces you may have accumulated over the years are vintage items that others will pay a large amount of money for. For example, a promotional Pyrex casserole dish from 1959 recently sold at auction for $4,000. Everyone may not have a rare vintage dish in their possession, but knowing the signs your vintage dish is valuable is smart. Here are a few signs your vintage dish is a valuable antique.


Knowing if the vintage dish is rare can be difficult, especially if you are not a collector of the specific item. If you search online and are unable to find the brand, style, or pattern, the piece is most likely rare, but that does not necessarily mean it is extremely valuable.

If the item you have is hard to find, more collectors will want it and be willing to pay more for the item. If only one or a very low number of pieces were made, it is a rare and valuable piece. Or, if there are only a few of the same pieces in circulation, it can be defined as rare and valuable.

Another common element to determining the rarity of the item is if it is no longer being reproduced.


A casserole dish, bowl, platter, or plate that has an amazing aesthetic quality is also more appealing to collectors, which will make it more valuable.

Of course, the actual appeal of a piece will depend on the person, since everyone has different tastes. You may not find the piece very attractive, so it may have been sitting in the back of a cabinet for years, but that exact piece may be incredibly attractive to a buyer who wants and needs the piece to complete their collection or display.


Vintage pieces that are valuable antiques must be authentic, meaning they cannot be reproductions of pieces made years ago. The vintage dish must be made in its actual year of origin and be made using the same original materials used years ago.

Today, manufacturers are able to recreate vintage Pyrex patterns on bowls and dishes made out of a plastic or resin material. These are not authentic vintage pieces since they are not made out of the original Pyrex glass.

Great Condition

Lastly, the condition of your vintage piece matters when appraisers are determining its value. Most collectors prefer mint condition, but they understand it is not always possible to find pieces that are free of any chips or cracks. Even a rare piece that is in good condition can be a great find for collectors.

To learn more about the value of your vintage pieces, consult an appraiser like Antique  Trader today. You may just have a valuable vintage dish or bowl that another collector has been struggling to find.

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