How To Get The Most Money Possible Out Of Your Property Insurance Claim

Having to deal with property damage to your estate can be a real headache. You'll, of course, want to stop the bleeding and get the situation fixed as soon as possible, but beyond that, you'll have to try and get the damage covered under your insurance policy. Regardless of whether you will be making a claim on your home insurance policy or through another method, you will no doubt want to maximize your payout as much as possible. To that end, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Photograph as Soon as Possible

After the incident that led to the damage occurs, it's important to document the situation as quickly as you can. You'll want to photograph all damage right after it occurs and before anything is fixed. You want the property to be shown in its broken state in order to make it clear that you really do need help from your policy. Photographing after some repair work has already been completed might make it more difficult for you to get a maximum payout. Provide your policyholder with before and after pictures of the property if possible so they can see the full extent of what went wrong.

Get an Appraisal

Having a general homeowners' policy that covers your entire estate is one thing, but there might be complications if a particularly expensive piece of property gets damaged. If this property was not covered in a specific rider attached to your main policy, you could have trouble getting a full payout. One way to make clear the full extent of the damage is to get your property appraised by an expert. Someone can come to your estate, look at the damage, decide how much the property is worth when in good condition, and then help you come up with a dollar amount for the damage. You'll then be armed with this appraisal when you go forward and talk to the insurance company.

Contact a Contractor for an Estimate

In addition to an appraisal by an independent party, you might also want to contact the specific contractor who will handle the repair once the claim comes through. For example, if you have a damaged pipe that led to flooding, you could get a repair estimate to restore your plumbing system. You can then include this amount in any insurance claim you make, in addition to the property damage from the flood.

Contact a company that works with property insurance claims today for more information.

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